Keep the Water in Your Pond Crystal Clear

Water features are increasing in popularity for homes with sufficient acreage, but there is more maintenance involved than most people realize. While installing a pond on your property is a large and costly project, preventing stagnant water and the disgusting issues that can result are very important. You will want the pond to remain a beautiful feature in your landscape, and you may even want to swim in it if the water is clean.

While it would be possible for you to properly maintain your pond once you have educated yourself about what is needed, you will enjoy your water feature much more with some professional help. You can purchse pond aerators and fountains from a company that is able to provide all the services you need to control the growth of weeds and algae, so you can simply enjoy your pond without any of the work and worry.

Fountains and aerators have proven to be the best defense against the growth of algae. Increasing the level of oxygen in water helps to keep water pristine, and using a fountain or aerator during warm weather is the best way to accomplish this. If you live in a colder climate where water freezes during the winter months, you will need to remove your fountain from the water to protect it from damage.

workers are able to remove your fountain and store it in a heated warehouse where it will be protected from damage. Your fountain will be thoroughly cleaned by power washing before being placed in storage. These professionals will also inspect the fountain for any needed repairs and make sure the unit is in working order when they return it to the pond in spring. The work will be billed on a basis of time and material required, and you can rest assured that your water feature will remain a pristine and beautiful addition to your landscape.