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Your Blade Tap Should Be Well Taken Care of

Getting a perfect shape will depend on how clean you keep your blade. Undergoing wear and tear is a must for your shaving blade no matter how well you may use it. Maintaining your razor in a state of cleanliness is very important to ensure that you get the best shave to form your blade. This is important so that you avoid getting a bad shave but consider blade tap.

Geometry is handy in determining the performance of a shaving blade. To a shaving blade, geometry is everything. Geometry in shaving blades comes in the size of the blades and how they sit in terms of relation to one another as well as their shape. The blade housing, the attachment of the handle to the blade cartridge as well as the pivoting of the handle are things to consider as well when you talk of the blade and its geometry. Actually, the pivoting mechanism has a lot to do with the blade geometry.

Your razor actually happens to be a precise tool that has much regarding design. Most shaving blades are replaceable. Even if this is the case, you don’t have to replace a blade before its time. Do not think of replacing your blade before fully using it. Mostly, blades are damaged during the cleaning session. Actually, the reason as to why your blades are not used for a longer period may be associated with your cleaning style. You will find yourself going to the shop more often if you damage your blades, albeit unintentionally.

Your razor cannot withstand some things. First, you should never tap your razor against the sink as you clean it. This is a very bad practice, even if it is well meant. The precision of the blades suffers greatly when the cartridge is tapped against the sink. You must remember that everything in a razor is engineered with precision and a small alteration can cost you dearly.

You do not need to wipe your razor with a towel. When you do this, the blades will always get dull. The purpose of doing this for some is to dry the blades. This should not be done since the blades should be allowed to air dry. Bad shaving habits can alter the precision with which shaving blades are fixed.

Running water from the back to the front is a very effective way to clean your razor. Run water on the blades for some moments. This will remove any trapped hair in the cartridge. After this, just shake off the excess water.

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